Modular Construction

Fiberglass Insulated Ducts have a R-Factor of 4.3, help eliminate any radiant heat loss and create a whisper quiet duct system. Insulated Premier Ducts carry air from the main heat duct to the sidewall registers with a R-Value of 4.2.

2x6 Exterior Walls with R-19 Insulation 2x6 exterior walls increase the strength of your home and allow for extra insulation. 2x4 Interior Walls are stronger than 2x3.

Exterior Walls Wrapped in O.S.B O.S.B increases the sidewall strength and the overall structure of the home.

Wind Wrap Helps reduce costly and uncomfortable Air Filtration

Caulk Around All Windows Caulking at the windows helps reduce are infiltration and drafts.

Central Insulation at Marriage Line 3 -1/2" of insulation seals your home where both halves are attached.

Baffles in the Roof Cavity Baffles create air flow in the attic that cools the roof in both the summer and winter. This helps eliminate winter ice build up and cools the roof in the summer.